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Cartesian axes palletizers for low and medium production


Video cartesian axes palletizers 

A Cartesian axes palletizer is made up of a support structure of four columns where a clamp moves in the three Cartesian axes (x, y, z). It can rotate along its vertical axis if necessary too.

The clamp is designed and tailor-made according to material, dimensions and weight of the product.

The Cartesian axes robot brings together the best performance and versatility. A product can be picked up from the built-in roller conveyor and placed in a certain position into the pallet. This robot can pick up different sizes and shapes objects with sucking cups, clamps and using other systems, and place them in different positions, creating a mosaic in the pallet.

The product in-feed can come by any of the 3 free sides of the robot, avoiding the side where is underway the palletizing.

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