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Wrap Around

Case packing wrap around


      Case packing wrap around 

This packing system consists in corrugated cardboard which is folded around the product and closed laterally through four small flaps. It is used to transport tetra-bricks of milk, juices, etc., tiles and also bottles of wine.

Its main advantages include:

  • Complete automation: one single machine is enough to form, fill and close the box.
  • Speed: it allows to reach an output of 40 boxes/minute
  • Occupied space: less than the sum of the three machines using American box system (case former, filler and sealer).
  • Installation equipment: a single machine performs the function of three different machines.
  • Usage of staff: fewer workers are needed for the operation of the line.

In addition, since the carton is designed to wrap exactly the grouped products, you get a higher level of compaction; unlike the American box, which usually has a size a little bigger than the dimensions of the content, causing some instability and wasting cardboard.

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